SUMMARY restore asks for next volume

From: Jacques Beigbeder (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1992 - 19:05:15 CST

The question was:

>> My SunOS is 4.1.1.
>> Yesterday, having to replace a failing disk by a new one,
>> I dumped a partition on a gigatape using a high size to ensure
>> to have only one tape. No error happened.
>> When I did the restore, I got:
>> restore xf /dev/nrst1
>> Warning: ./lost+found: File exists
>> You have not read any volumes yet.
>> Unless you know which volume your file(s) are on you should start
>> with the last volume and work towards the first.
>> Specify next volume #: 1
>> and later:
>> Specify next volume #:
>> Nothing to answer, since it's the only tape!

I made a mistake, the answer was in the manuals (sorry):
        . x is the extract for tar
        . x is also an extract command for dump
        . but the true command is r.

I always restored using x, and it works except last time.
I think x and r are the same, EXCEPT IF a file isn't on the
dump because I made the dump in multi-user mode(*) and a file
disappeared during the dump.

Thanks to:
        <> (Lauren Massa-Lochridge)
        Hans van Staveren <> (Giles Carre)

For those who will ask, bpe is a binary editor I heard of.
It's available by anonymous ftp on many sites. Use archie.

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(*) it wan't very dangerous since the failing disk has
only stable partitions (/, /usr) except /usr/local/emacs/lock/*...

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