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Date: Fri Dec 18 1992 - 21:08:08 CST

My apologies to those that thought that my original query wasn't appropriate:

> Anybody know where to get Zmail, or have any ideas on other user agents/
> mail systems for Unix? Thanks, I summarize (within reason!).

I got 31 responses, many of which suggested that I look at elm, mush (the free
predecessor to Zmail), various emacs-based readers, mh/xmh and pine. Also,
I was reminded that this is a pay-for-it package by a number of people. One
of the reasons I was interested in Zmail was that I heard it would work on a
number of other platforms also (PCs, for instance), so I'm willing to pay.
The response was VERY helpful, though I'll try to make sure that further
questions from this account are screened more thoroughly before being sent
to sun-managers 8-}.

The answer to the first question was best put by Amir J. Katz
(amir@matis.ingr.COM), who sent me a copy of a message from Dan Heller
himself (the author). Anyway:

Z-Code Software
4340 Redwood Hwy Suite B-50
San Rafael, CA 94903

Phone: 415-499-8649
FAX: 479-0448

The following ftp areas and phone numbers for getting zmail, demos of it or
alternative readers: (a number of mh's) (pine)
Siren Software at (800) 457-4736.
Unix Central 1-800-532-1771..... $295 single user [Zmail] (mush) (xmailtool, a mailtool look-alike)

Again, thanks to all who responsed (although the "gentle reminders" about
appropriate use were appreciated more than the flames... :-). If anyone would
like more specific details regarding any of the mail readers mentioned above,
or any other related information, please email me--I'll be glad to share.

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