SUMMARY:changing fonts when printing

From: Hassane Chaouch (abcomp!
Date: Sat Dec 19 1992 - 03:57:40 CST

Hello Sun Managers,

Thanks for all the replies.
this is my original question:
Is there a way to change the font of the standard output of a text file
produced by the lpr command ? We are printing on a postscript printer using the mp print utility. mp doesn`t allow us to specify a particular font
option. We don't want to read in all text files, convert them in a word
processor to change the font, etc. because this is to time consuming.

Does anybody know how the -1234font option of lpr works ?


- Most of the responses specify the use the enscript filter management
  software which is a part of the newsprint package.I tried the pl command
  with different options(refered in the newsprint manual) and it works very

- 3 others replies suggested me to use a public domain software called psf
  via ftp:
  host:,, or
  login: anonymous
  files: pub/psf/psf3.3.tar.Z

- a last answer suggest to look in the directory:
  /usr/openwin/share/xnews/client/mp, there are effectively a *.ps files
  that mp command (piped with lpr) uses.You just have to edit one of this
  different files if you use mp with the -ts option,change
  the font and send printing .it's very interesting and it also works very

again thanks to: (Joe Murray) (Russ Poffenberger)
Mike Raffety <> (Brett Lymn)
steve@seattle.Avcom.COM (Steve Lee)
Simon Shickman <> (Michael G. Harrington)
Alan J. Rothstein <merccap!alan>

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