SUMMARY (final): replaced mother board, now OpenWindows 2 won't run

From: Andrew Patrick (
Date: Tue Dec 08 1992 - 18:32:03 CST

On Oct 29, 5:21pm, Andrew Patrick wrote:
} Subject: SUMMARY: replaced mother board, now OpenWindows 2 won't run
| Here are the responses I received to my question about OpenWindows not
| running after a motherboard replacement. My comments are in square
| brackets [].
| The bottom line is that after trying numerous things suggest by various
| sun-managers, OW 2 or OW 3 will not run on this machine. I have
| requested a new replacement board from Sun, and it should arrive in the
| next few days (he says hopefully from a VT100 terminal).

Someone just reminded me that I never finished telling the story.

The final result here is that a second replacement board was installed,
and things have run fine ever since.

So, the moral is that subtle hardware problems can cause OW to fail
when everything else works. Nothing will cause me to pull my hair out
faster than subtle hardware problems :-)

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