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From: Wai-kong Yu (abcomp!
Date: Wed Dec 09 1992 - 14:09:44 CST

My original posting :


Hi everybody,

I have the following network configuration :

Serveral macintoshes with MacTCP are connected via thin ethernet
to a sun workstation (sunos4.1.2). The sun workstation is an oracle 6.0
databaseserver. The SQL-link software on the macs allows me to make
some querries on the oracle 6.0 database. This works fine if I don't use
openwindows (problem is the same for OWv2 and OWv3) on my sunstation.

However, from the moment I start up openwindows, the macs can't communicate
with the sun database anymore.

The message I get on the mac is :

port 2000 : already in use

This udp and tcp port is defined by my database software in /etc/services
as port 2000. When I execute the command (when running openwindows)
        netstat -a -n,
I see the following in the first form for port 2000 :

tcp 0 0 *.2000 *.* LISTEN

It seems that openwindows also use this port and conflicts with the oracle entry
in /etc/services because this line is not there when I'm out of openwindows
and the macs are running fine.

Does someone on this planet knows how I can disable this port 2000 in
openwindows ? Has it something to do with news, tooltalk etc ?

Thanks for reading my mail. I will summarize if I can solve the problem.


e-mail :


Most people suggested me to change the /etc/services entry of SQL-link to another value
than 2000. This was ofcourse the easiest way to solve the prolbem, but this also means
that you need to change the portnumber on all macintoshes and this was the big problem
because most of them does a dial-in in to our network.

Port 2000 and 6000 are being use by the NeWSserver. The answers I got from sun-managers
makes me believe that you couldn't change this value (hardcoded). However you can change it !!
The only thing you need to do is to change the /usr/openwin/bin/openwin script and change
the following entry :

# default DISPLAY is :0
DISPLAY=":0" ----> change this 0 in e.g. 5

and put `setenv DISPLAY :5` in your ~/.cshrc file

When you restart openwindows you get the following entries for netstat -a -n :

tcp 0 0 *.2005 *.* LISTEN
tcp 0 0 *.6005 *.* LISTEN

The following persons answered my mail : (Ted Eggers) (Kam Tim Chan)
Chris Keane <chris@rufus.state.COM.AU> (Birger A. Wathne)
Casper Dik <>
Christian Lawrence <> (Mark S. Anderson)

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