SUMMARY: format.dat for Seagate ST296N?

From: Derrick J. Brashear (
Date: Thu Dec 10 1992 - 01:43:37 CST

I write:

I've got a Seagate ST296N I picked up cheap which I'm lokking to install
into our Sun 3/160. Does anyone have the format.dat for this drive? Has
anyone installed one before? I will summarize...


I got a number of responses including lists of info which I held onto
for future use, but:
I also got the following info from Jim Lick <>
> I formatted the one on using the 'other' drive type in
> format and used cyl: 808 alt: 2 head: 6 sector: 34. Warning: it is a very
> SLOW drive.

Art Schoenstadt <>
Brian Bartholomew <>
Mance Wilkerson <mance@Synopsys.COM>

And a handy tidbit:
Excerpts from Sunstuff: 9-Dec-92 Re: Seagate ST296N geometry? Bao
Li@hubcap.clemson.ed (545)

> FTP site "" has a file containing the jump setting for all of
> Seagate hard disk. You can download it the INDEX file and search "seagate"
> keyword. You can find the file name easily. Good luck.


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