SUMMARY: Problems with automounted filesystems

From: David Rubin (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1992 - 18:11:36 CST

Several people suggested that the problem with permissions on automounted
filesystems was due to the mount directory permissions BEFORE the
automounter is run.

Even without the automounter running, the permissions appear to be 555
all the way down the mount tree. So it seems that once automounter starts
it creates its own mount directories with inappropriate permissions.

I solved the problem by stopping automounter, removing the entire mount
directory (i.e., rm -r /tmp_mnt), and restarting automounter WITH UMASK 022.

So to solve the problem permanently, I put "umask 022" in /etc/rc so that
everything should be OK after a reboot.

Thanks to:

John A. Murphy <jam@philabs.Philips.Com> (Norman G. Hoffman)

and to any other responses I have not yet received...

Dave Rubin
Polytechnic University

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