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Date: Fri Nov 20 1992 - 02:06:19 CST

This is more of an interim report than a full fleged summary... but
I fear that we may be nearing a dead end.

As usual, the list provided more insight than Sun! Quite a few
'mee toos'. I hope that someone takes notice and either fixes the
problem or documents the 'right' way to get things going.

More than one pointed out the old PROTMAN and NETBIND which sun
ships. Replacing them with the NEW (WFW 3.1) transport layers
and protocol manager creates a configuration which ACTUALLY DOES
WORK! (almost). Netbind appears to be bundled in with a startup
for WFW (conviently called NET). If the WORKGRP.SYS driver is loaded,
I get about 10 seconds of grace before the system does a 'power-down-
needed-lockup'. Simply not loading the driver has NET do the netbind...
and everything works great... except, of course, WFW which needs this
for its network functions.

NOW, I have to admit that I am confused by the (new to me) [network.setup]
section of the PROTOCOL.INI file... but I think I got it close to right.

If there are any more insights, I'd be happy to hear them -- and I'll
post a follow-up summary. To those who helped out, thanks. To those
who asked for information - I hope this helps someone take a next
step. To Microsoft -- why can't you settle your war with the Unix
world, and, to Sun -- why can't you provide service which is as
helpful and friendly as the Sun Managers on the net.

Many responded with other packages to look into; perhaps this is the
right direction. [Suggestions included PC/TCP -- I may give it
a try, and switching to Novell -- not an option for me]

Selected Responses and my original post follow:

>From abcomp! Thu Nov 19 13:37:35 1992

Why don't you use the NDIS drivers and NetBind 2.1 delivered by Microsoft, I used them with PC-NFS and LAN MANAGER withou any problem ?

NETBIND in PC-NFS is still 1.1, I think.

It should work if Microsoft didn't do anything new with NDIS.

Dany De Vleeschhauwer
AB Computers


>From Thu Nov 19 08:26:40 1992

Both Microsoft and SUN are correct (sort of). SUN's NFS uses an older version
of PROTMAN (the glue that binds your protocol driver(s) to your hardware driver)
As far as I have been able to determine, the two versions simply won't mix. The
older version of protman (that comes with NFS) can't get on with the newer
protocol drivers that come with WFW (or MS LanMan 2.1 for that matter), and the
newer version of PROTMAN (WFW & LanMan 2.1) won't work with the older style NFS
protocol driver.

If you find a way around this dilemma I'd love to hear it. If SUN would
upgrade their NFS to the latest protman version you would be able to
simultaneously link to a LanMan server, an NFS server and a Netware server

Now that's what I'd call an Open System.

Guy Jones

=======Original Post===========================================
> This may be a borderline question, but perhaps someone has
> some insight into a current (and pressing) problem.
> We have a Sun network with several groups accessing Sun servers
> using PC-NFS (version 4). One of the groups is *very hot* on
> using Windows for Workgroups (WFW), wich *does* coexist with
> Novell and Lan Manager by using NDIS drivers. Well, it doesn't
> seem to work (for us) with what we have been able to figure out
> from Microsoft's rather poor documentation on the subject.
> Sun support says "It can't possibly work... talk to Microsoft"
> Microsoft says "If there is proper NDIS support, it should work...
> talk to your vendor"
> As usual, we're caught in the middle. Unless there is something
> unusual about Sun's use of the NDIS drivers (or a version problem),
> my understanding of the NDIS architecture says it SHOULD work. Several
> other TCP packages do. Sun says, no intention to pursue the subject.
> This wouldn't be the first time I got bad info from Sun support... or
> it could be accurate. Does anyone have any better info? (or any
> info/comments on another TCP/IP/NFS package which *would* fit the
> bill?)
> Thanks,
> jag
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