SUMMARY: Compressed Attachments for Mailtool V3

From: Steve Lee (steve@seattle.Avcom.COM)
Date: Fri Nov 20 1992 - 22:48:11 CST

I originally asked:

The Mail Tool from OpenWindows 2.0 would compress and uuencode files
which you dragged&dropped into the compose window, causing the file
size to be small and manageable. In OpenWindows 3.0, the new Mail Tool
allows files to be attached, but there is no compression, either automatic
or manual. The only way I can figure out how to get a file to compress
is to manually compress the file using the compress command, and then
drag it into the attachment window. This is fine for me, but for
some of my more novice users, the command line is a no-no.

Question: How can I get automatic compression for Mail Tool V3
                file attachments?

The unanimous answer was to create a Custom Command in the File Manager
which uses the line

compress $FILE

to compress the file, which then can be dragged into the Mail Tool. I'd
still like to find out if there is some way to automatically do this,
but this is simple enough to do and explain to users. Thanks to all who
responded, and I will send out an Addendum if there is an automatic

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