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From: Dan Kelley (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1992 - 13:26:46 CST

Original post:
> I am having a problem with routed on a 670 running 4.1.3. First, some of
> my routes would disappear for no apparent reason. Then, to get around this,
> I created a default route to the one and only Cisco router here at this
> facility (figuring that if my routed doesn't want to hold all the routes that
> the router is broadcasting, I'll just send the stuff there and let it find
> the routes). Well, just eariler today, my default route dropped for no
> apparent reason.
> Is there a known problem with routed under SunOS 4.1.3? If so, does anyone
> have or know where to get an OS patch for this?

Sorry it has taken me so long to summerize (been busy) but the popular
vote was to not run routed at all on the 670 but to simply set up a default
route (specified in /etc/defaultrouter) to the one and only router. This
does make a lot of sense now that I think about it :-). When an /etc/
defaultrouter file is specified, /etc/rc.local takes care of setting up the
default route and does not file up routed.

Suggestion #2: run gated instead of routed (suggested by a few people)
Suggestion #3: the Cisco was the problem by not announcing all routes
Suggestion #4: change the broadcast address to end in ones instead of zeros
Suggestion #5: install patch 100283-03: 4.1.1;4.1.2;4.1.3: in.routed
                mishandles gateways, multiple routes

I chose to use the default route method and everything has been working fine
for a couple of weeks now. Thanks to all who responded:

Tad Guy <>
Stefan Mochnacki <>
Steve Elliott <> (Steve Jay {Ultra Unix SW Mgr}) (Jim Davis) (F. L. Charles Seeger III) (Mike Halderman) (William LeFebvre) (Andy Feldt)
Geert Jan de Groot <>


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