SUMMARY: Motif 1.2 clients crash OW3 server

From: Ed Arnold (era@niwot.scd.ucar.EDU)
Date: Wed Nov 18 1992 - 20:32:08 CST

I asked if anyone knew of a patch that keeps the OW3 server from crashing
when interacting with a Motif 1.2 client. Here is the info I received:

o Two persons suggested the "OpenWindows V3: libXt CTE Jumbo Patch",

o Three persons suggested the "OW 3.0: Openwindows V3.0 Server Patch
  3000-52", latest rev 100444-31.

o One person suggested the "OW 3.0: snapshot running with motif window
  manager core dumps", 100685-01.

o One person said that ICS Motif 1.2 had been confirmed by ICS to be
  buggy, and he switched back to Motif 1.1.4. He had tried a patch to
  xnews (didn't say which one), but it didn't help.

o One person said he has had the same problem, Sun had told him there
  was no patch, and his company is still working with Sun on the problem.

I'll post another summary at a later date if more definitive info WRT
this specific problem comes to light. In the meantime, if there is anyone
out there who is wealthy enough to have purchased a support contract from
OSF, and is willing to call them to find out what OSF knows about this,
it would be helpful.

Thanks to the following persons for their advice: (F. L. Charles Seeger III)
djw@BBN.COM (David Kaelbling)
Mike Raffety <> (Dave Vance)

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