RE: Re: Audio-capable, computer-interfaced DAT drives? [Summary]

From: Mike Abbot (
Date: Wed Nov 11 1992 - 01:29:06 CST

Perhaps a glimmer of hope.

>1. In general, DAT back-up devices cannot handle audio. Technically,
> the reason is that computer data on a DAT has extra levels of
> error-correction relative to audio data, and most drives refuse
> to read tapes without data-type error correction, and will only
> write tapes with enough error-correction for data. Legally, the
> reason is that the suppliers of DAT back-up devices do not want to
> tangle with record companies' lawyers.

I was recently browsing through the programming manual of a WANGDAT 3200 and
I noticed that it *is* possible to switch off the data-type error
correction (Wang call it C3 ECC as opposed to the audio-type ECC, C1 and
C2.) via a mode setup command to the drive.

I have not tried it, and I don't have much hope for its success, but anyway
it might be of interest to you. Perhaps you can contact the WANGDAT
technical guys and see what they have to say.

BTW : WANGDAT 3200 +- US$ 1500 internal/external versions, SCSI interface.
Good luck


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