SUMMARY: yppasswdd Question

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Date: Fri Nov 13 1992 - 10:02:48 CST

A few days ago I posted:

> We are running SunOS4.1.3 (Solaris 1.1) on our systems;
> in /etc/rc.local on our server we have included the entry
> if [ -f /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd ]; then
> /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m DIR=/etc passwd
> echo -n ' yppasswdd'
> fi
> this starts up the daemon and allows users on clients to modify their
> password on the NIS-server. It does not, however, immediately
> propagate the new passwd as it is supposed to be, when the -m option
> is given.

My question wasn't really exact, but I got correct answers anyway:
in rc.local we were using the command line

        rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m DIR=/etc passwd

Changing it to

        /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m DIR=/etc passwd

(full command path) solved our problem. It is a bug in rpc.yppasswdd
which becomes effective when passing command-line-arguments to `make'.

Also other solutions were recommended, plus I got one valuable advice;
here is a summary:

> This is a known bug: yppasswdd messes up the arguments to make.
> The fix is to change your rcp.yppasswdd command.
> rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd.yp -nosingle -m passwd
> ^^^^^^^^^
> Solution 2 as summarized by Michael Sullivan
> There is a bug in rpc.yppasswdd in that when it invokes make, it passes
> to make its entire command line instead of just the argument after the
> -m. Make then interprets rpc.yppasswdd as a target, which it doesn't
> know how to make so it gives up.
> The workaround is to run rpc.yppasswdd with its full pathname:
> /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd.yp -m passwd
> The entire command line will still be passed to make, but this way, due
> to the absolute path name, make will identify /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd
> as an existing file, and consider it to be up to date since there it has
> no dependencies (the same happens for /etc/passwd.yp). The -m option
> seems to be ignored by make.

> One remark: It is wise not to use /etc/passwd as source of your NIS-maps,
> because that will make the password of root, bin etc. available to NIS.
> You might not want to do this for security-reasons.

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