SUMMARY: Sparc-2 to Sparc-10 Upgrade Problems

Date: Mon Nov 02 1992 - 13:15:40 CST

My original message began .....

> We are on the point of upgrading all our SS-2's to SS-10's and have
> been warned by one of the developers of our application that there
> may be some compatibility problems with some of the third party
> packages used.

> Ingres 6.4/01
> SL-GMS 4.0d (Sherrill-Lubinski Graphical Modeling System)
> ITC X11R5/Motif 1.1
> Purify
On the basis of the replies ..

Purify is broken on SS-10 because of a re-mapping of the stack. It should
run with 4.1.3 on earlier SPARC's.

No one reported any major problems on any other packages. I was told
by Ingres in the UK that version 6.4/02 would be certified on 4.1.3
and was due in the first half of November.

One reply said
>Watch out for Type 5 Keyboards, think carefully whether you'll want
>Unix style (Type-5, Universal) keyboards, or the PC style (Type-5, UK)
>keyboards, the latter is the default.

>If you take the UK style you'll need to patch X11, OpenWindows 2.0 and
>probably Motif.

(Sun in the UK told me that they are now shipping type 5 keyboards as
standard with all current equipment.)

One reply said
>Take a look at comp.os.solaris. You should find an up-to-date list of
>software compatible with Solaris [12].0.

Unfortunately we don't get news, if any kind person would like to mail
me (Me, not the list please) such a list I'd appreciate it.

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