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From: Earl Zmijewski (
Date: Tue Nov 03 1992 - 02:30:37 CST

Original Question:

-> According to the automount man page ...
-> automount must not be terminated with the SIGKILL signal
-> (kill -9). Without an opportunity to unmount itself, the
-> automount mount points will appear to the kernel to belong
-> to a non-responding NFS server. The recommended way to ter-
-> minate automount services is to send a SIGTERM (kill -15)
-> signal to the daemon.
-> Unfortunately, I did just this, i.e., kill automount with -9.
-> I can't remove the mount point or even ls the directory it's in.
-> Restarting the automounter didn't help. Any ideas on how I can get
-> out of this?
-> By the way, this problem arose trying to fix another problem. The
-> machine in question had been automounting /var/spool/mail from another
-> machine. However, mail would occassionally fail on the machine doing
-> the automounting with messages like
-> Oct 30 18:46:05 seneca sendmail[6086]: AA06086: SYSERR: net hang reading
-> from Connection timed out during collect with
-> Oct 30 18:46:04 sendmail[12807]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR:
-> net hang reading from seneca: Connection timed out

The consensus is that both (kill -15) and (kill -9) can bring about this
problem and that the easiest solution is to just reboot. However, even
this may not be sufficient. The first response (which came moments after
I posted) was from Richard Feuerriegel, and contains all of the possible
solutions I received.

Richard writes

> If my machine dies while automount is still active, usually the fsck on
> reboot will take care of the problem directories. Sometimes it takes a
> manual run though fsck to clear the bad dirs. Other times, I have to
> reboot in single user mode and remove the directories.


With regard to the sendmail error, Robert Montjoy writes

> The "net hung" reading from bla bla bla is caused by not having a carriage
> return or is it a line feed at the end of that particular mail message.

> If you are having the problem often make sure your users have a blank line
> at the end of the mail message(.signature file).

In addition, Steve Swaney writes

> We had the same problem. I had nothing to do with mail. The "finger"
> command was also "broke". In fact anything that did a username lookup
> was broken except "ypcat passwd". The problem was that one of the
> passwd entries in the NIS passwd map had a "," instead of a ":". When
> sendmail (or finger, or top, etc.) tried to resolve a name beyond that
> passwd entry, (or a name that didn't exist), it hung. The process
> stayed around forever and it just kep eating up system time.

Unfortunately, neither of these seems to be the problem in my case.
Thanks to all who responded. Earl (

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