SUMMARY: backups to 150M 1/4" tape

From: Ned Danieley (
Date: Tue Nov 03 1992 - 22:35:35 CST

I asked:

        I agreed to do some backups for a friend while he was out of town,
        and now I realize that I don't know what parameters to use for
        a 150M 1/4" tape. if I use my old stand-by for the 60M tape,
        0ucbsf 1000 600 /dev/rst8, dump wants to use 5 tapes to dump 270M.

as usual, I didn't include enough information in my post. I had
already performed the magic RTFM step, and using 18 tracks and
increasing the length ('s' option) didn't help. what did help was
using another tape; I mistook a tape error for premature end of tape.

Some people recommended an s of 1500 or so; this doesn't work with
the t=18 option and a dump that takes more than one tape. I ended
up using s=700, and that succeeded, getting 270M on just two tapes
using rst0.

It's still not clear if it matters whether one uses rst0 or rst8:
I tried both (although I don't remember what the other options were),
and dump calculated the same number of tapes; I didn't wait to see
what would happen if I let it actually do the dump.

thanks to those of you who tried:

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