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Date: Sat Nov 07 1992 - 05:49:26 CST

Hi Y'all,

        Ah, USENET, its not just a technology, its a philosophy
(and a darn correct one).

        Thanks to all who answered my call for help with the lprm
command. hit it right on the money. Here was my
original posting:

>> Anyone know the magic of getting the lprm command under Sun OS 4.1.1
>> to dequeue a print job that is queued on a remote machine?
>> It seems that once the local machine spools the job to the print server
>> (ie., to rm=PRINTERSERVERHOST in /etc/printcap) that the lprm command becomes
>> useless. Anyone know a fix for this?

        And here is the fix:

        The reason that the lprm command will not delete a file that
is remotely queued on the server is because of a mal-formed printcap
entry on the clients printcap file.

        Here is the change that need to be made. I will use a snipet
from a client side /etc/printcap and the entry for "myPrinter" as an

-------------- wrong printcap entry ----------------
-------------- correct printcap entry ----------------

        The difference is in the 2nd line. The "lp=/dev/null" entry
will evidently make the "lprm" command on the client think that the
spool for the printer is on the "client" machine and not on the
"server" machine (ie., lprm will not attempt to contact the lpd
daemon on the server machine). This is the cause of the problem.

        If you make the change this problem is fixed. There is no need
to restart the lpd daemon on either the client or the server.

        Thanks again to all who responded.

        - Joe

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