SUMMARY: Breaking from make kills file

From: Hanh Vu - xt 2801 (
Date: Tue Oct 20 1992 - 00:54:55 CDT


> One of our users has encountered a serious problem with '/bin/make'
> under SunOS 4.1.2. If he interrupts it with a ctrl-C, it *DELETES*
> the source file it is currently compiling.


Make normally deletes the target files if interrupted. In our case
the source file is indeed a target; naturally it got dumped when
CTRL-C is issued. The easy solution to this is to list these files
in the .PRECIOUS special funtion target. Man pages has full details
on this special function target.

Many thanks to the folks below for their assistance:

  Anatoly M. Lisovsky
  Mike Raffety
  Michael Harris
  John Benjamins
  Russ Poffenberger
  Perry Hutchison

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