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From: Dave Shevett (sparc!
Date: Tue Oct 20 1992 - 15:49:55 CDT

The sun-managers list helps again:

My original query, with the correct answers:

> 1) I'd like to be able to telnet or ftp from any workstation in the office.
> Do do so, I'd assume I'd have to register a block of IP numbers with the
> Powers that Be. Anyone have the info on how to do this?

The NIC handles all Internet registrations. Mail to hostmaster@NIC.DDN.MIL
or with a 'help' in the subject line should bounce mail
back with the info needed.

> 2) Setting up a SLIP link to a local college/business is fairly easy, but
> I wonder how the college or whatever will react to channeling what amounts
> to business traffic through their routers. Any experience with this?
> (more specifically, with folks in the mid-New Jersey area? :)

*sigh* - this seems to be the major stumbling block. Colleges will rarely
route network traffic to a third party, due to agreements with commericial
services or whatever. Therefore, I'm looking for businesses in the central
New Jersey area that would help with a low-volume connection.

> 3) If I registered a domain called '', and I was getting
> data routed through a local business/college, would I still be accessible
> via ping as '', or would it be some altered .EDU address?
> Meaning, would I have to use the college ip numbers, or could I use my
> own for the network address?

My mistake here. Yes, once IP numbers are assigned, and routing was
established to my own subnet, my address would be established as
''. Doesn't matter how the connection is made, or to what

Thanks to all who answered:!

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