SUMMARY: Help desk software.

From: csb@gdwb.OZ.AU
Date: Mon Oct 19 1992 - 03:15:46 CDT

The original request was:
    Could anyone who has gone throught the pain of searching out
    companies and software systems which do this send me a list.
    Any comments about the usability or quality of said products
    would also be welcome.
    Needless to say, running on a sun in OpenLook would be nice.
Thanks to those that responded. Two products stood out in the

Action Request, Remedy Corp. 6
Apriori, Answer Software 5


Home Growns 2
Helpdesk, Sun Microsystems 2
ProActive Software 1
Quantum Suite 1
Aurums 1

Action Request got the most raps and is said to be the cheapest,
and most configurable.

More detailed information can be obtained on request.

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