NON-SUMMARY: automatic signature in mailtool?

From: Andy Sherman (
Date: Wed Oct 21 1992 - 22:39:38 CDT

I posted:

> Does anybody know of a way to coerce mailtool (under OpenWindows 3.0)
> into automatically appending a file (like your .signature) at the end
> of every outgoing message? TFM has been of no help, and neither has
> running strings on mailtool and Mail looking for suggestive stuff.

to which I received replies from: (Mike Pearlman)
        Gene Rackow <>

>The sun managers list is to be used for EMERGENCY information only.
>Please do not post things to it that could be much more
>easily handled by the comp.sys.sun or com.mail Usenet News Groups.

The summary has been posted to comp.sys.sun.admin and
comp.sys.sun.apps. Thanks to all who sent solutions. All mail
requests for a summary were honored, never fear. This non-summary is
a matter of common courtesy to anybody waiting for a summary to appear
on this list. It won't.

I suspect that the charter of this list is becoming so narrow, and its
enforcement so unpleasant that the forum will become useless to me and
a lot of others. See you in comp.sys.sun.*, I'm unsubscribing.

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