SUMMARY: reading VMS savesets on a SUN

Date: Thu Oct 22 1992 - 02:48:23 CDT

sun-managers to the rescue again!

> Years ago I ran into a util which allowed a SUN to
> read Digital VMS backup save sets.
> Does anybody know what the programs called or
> where I could get a copy.

14 replies:-
   3 Me Too's
   8 at least mentioned vmsbackup
   1 dect
   1 vmsbu

By far the commonest reply was "vmsbackup". Three folk even included
the code! Others mentioned the name or supplied archie listings.
(I had tried archie with save_set/saveset and backup!).

Im using one of the supplied versions. But others could try:- /pub/mnt/source/util/vmsbackup /pub/arcers/vmsbackup.shar /pub/src/tape-readers/vmsbackup/* /pub/utils/vmsbackup.tar.Z
Thanks for the help. everybody. (Colin McFadyen) (sid cowles) (Phil Blanchfield) (Mark Mann) (David N. Edwards) (Kerry Kinnersley)
        <> (Randy Born) (Brent Chivers) (Andy Feldt)
        <> (James A. Carhart)
        <> (Patrick Shopbell)
        arrent! (A. R. Rivera)
        eric@mpl.UCSD.EDU (Eric Wolin) (Frederick Curiel)

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