SUMMARY: Anybody tried NetWare SunLink yet?

From: Rick Mott (rick%pgt1@Princeton.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 23 1992 - 03:36:35 CDT

I asked for experience with the new NetWare SunLink product.

Only one reply arrived, from someone who hadn't gotten it to install. It's
been almost a week now, so I'll send out the "summary" (sorry not to be able
to provide any real info, Alan, but thanks for the response!).

If anybody missed the last post and has anything useful to add, please reply
to me and I'll send out another summary.


>From: princeton!!alan (Alan Medsker)

We've got it, I installed it, and the install failed for some reason. Haven't
had a chance to look into exactly why. Things to watch out for:

   * You need to understand net numbers for existing NetWare network, if there
     is one.

   * You'll need to CALL Sun for the magic number (they didn't respond to my
     email, although there were some minor problems with my link during that

   * It rebuilds the kernel. I'm not sure what effect this would have if you're
     already using a non-generic kernel for something else (i.e. would your
     changes be in the new kernel, what if you need to add yet another change
     later, etc.).

I see this as a connectivity product, not a heavy-duty balls-out high
performer. A 386/25 running NW 3.11 would no doubt run circles around even
a sparcserver-class machine running NW Sunlink.

Also, Syntax in Kent, WA, in addition to at least one other company (don't
recall who) have NetWare servers that run on Suns. Syntax' system is
NOT based on Novell code (reverse engineered), as NetWare Sunlink is.

Hope this helps. I look forward to your summary.



                Rick Mott

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