SUMMARY, tzsetup problems

From: fabrice cuq (
Date: Tue Oct 27 1992 - 03:11:04 CST

Well, I should not have used Pacific-New in the first place. Guy Harris gave
this detailed answer:

From: (Guy Harris)

>tzsetup changed to the wrong time zone . here is the ouput of date:
>Sun Oct 25 13:50:45 PPET 1992
>where it should be:
>Sun Oct 25 12:50:45 1992 PST (correctly returned by zdump on PST8PDT)
>tzsetup issued a warning:
>Warning: No old-style time zone type is completely valid
>which lead it to choose PPET.

Err, umm, *not*.

"tzsetup" only chooses the time zone that's stuck into the kernel for
the benefit of:

        1) pre-SunOS 4.0 binaries;

        2) old programs written to the old pre-4.0 BSD time zone
           interface and not fixed to use "timelocal()" or "mktime()" to
           convert from local time to UNIX time;

        3) *new* programs unfortunately written to the old BSD time
           zone interface, the fact that they were written for SunOS 4.x
           nonwithstanding, and not fixed to use "timelocal()" or
           "mktime()" to convert from local time to UNIX time (e.g.,
           Calendar Manager.

"date" is not one such program; it uses the new time zone stuff. If
it's reporting PPET, that's the time zone you have set up on your

(PPET is, in fact, one of the time zones for which no old-style time
zone type is completely valid, so "tzsetup" isn't *capable* of choosing

It sounds as if somebody set up "US/Pacific-New", rather than
"US/Pacific", as your time zone. "Pacific-New" is described in the
comment in "/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/pacificnew":

# From Arthur David Olson (April 5, 1989):
# On April 5, 1989, the U. S. House of Representatives passed (238-154) a bill
# establishing "Pacific Presidential Election Time"; it has yet to be acted on
# by the Senate or signed into law by the President.
# You might want to change the "PE" (Presidential Election) below to
# "Q" (Quadrennial) to maintain three-character zone abbreviations.
# If you're really conservative, you might want to change it to "D".
# Avoid "L" (Leap Year), which won't be true in 2100.

and no, at least according to today's paper, it still hasn't been acted
on by the Senate, or still hasn't been signed into law by the President;
this is a Presidential election year, but the clocks got turned back at
2AM last night, rather than staying on Daylight Savings Time until after
the election.

Try becoming super-user and doing

        zic -l US/Pacific

and then rebooting; that should put you back on normal Pacific time.

>From pacbell!ggsunprg01!sungg3.PacBell.COM!lttruon@PacBell.COM Sun Oct 25 20:52:55 1992
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 92 19:52:37 PST
other solution:

        cd /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo
        mv -f localtime localtime-
        ln US/Pacific localtime
        date /* you should have PST instead of PPET */
                                /* and your time should be correct now */

You have to have access as 'root'.

I used the "zic" method and everything is fine.

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