SUMMARY: Assertion fail in ctlr_scsi.c

Date: Fri Oct 30 1992 - 12:42:09 CST

Thanks for prompt and explicit responses. I suspect that I'll get lots
more replies - the list below are the "overnight" responses which all
state that this is a known problem and is fixed by patch

Patch-ID# 100474-01
Keywords: format 1.3 Gigabyte disk
Synopsis: SunOS 4.1.2: Assertion Failure on 1.3GB Elite Drive
Date: 16/Jan/92

The patch replaces the dud 'format' program that was released for sun4 kvm
with one that works for disks >1Gb.

My original query stated that I got this assertion failure on entering
'format' and selecting a 2.0Gbyte SCSI disk on a 4/470, although I had no
trouble doing this on an IPX.

Thanks to...

 Dan Butzer <butzer@com.cranel>
sdo@gov.nasa.larc.phoebus (Sharon O. Beskenis)
 shamash@com.boxhill (Ari Shamash)
daniel@CA.Qc.Hydro.CANR (Daniel Hurtubise)
 Ken Nawyn <ken@com.nynexst>
Bob Dowling <>
"David S. Comay" <dsc@GOV.CSS.seismo>
John Luke <jluke@AU.OZ.deakin>

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