SUMMARY: Changing standalone to server

From: Wyllys Ingersoll (reagan!
Date: Sat Oct 31 1992 - 02:07:55 CST


I found one answer to my original posting about changing a system that was
originally installed as a standalone system to a server. My problem was
that the /export/exec/proto.root.sunos.4.1.3 directory was missing and
I couldn't find it on the distribution CD. Well, I decided to extract the
'root' files from the cdrom into the /export/exec/proto.root.sunos.4.1.3
directory and that seems to have worked.

The commands for doing this were:
1. mkdir /export/exec/proto.root.sunos.4.1.3
2. cd !$
3. /usr/etc/install/extract_files sr0 root -a sun4c -r 4_1_3

Then run 'add_client' to make diskless clients.

Sorry to clog the airways, maybe someone else is having the same problem so
that is why I'm posting the solution (also to discourage responses to myself).

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