SUMMARY: Scanner and OCR wanted

From: Chris Osicki (
Date: Wed Oct 14 1992 - 09:09:15 CDT

Hi netters,

Thanks for all the help. The original question:

|> We are interested in obtaining a scanner + OCR S/W which works with
|> Sun workstations (SPARC) and SunOs. We are also interested in Full
|> Text Retrival Systems.

I received 7 responses.

'ScanWorX' was recommended 5 times.
'ScanWorX' is a complete system for automatic registration of texts
and graphics. The system consists of a scanner and the Kurzweil OCR-Software.
It costs about $20K.

One response mentioned the existence of a very good OCR-software which
costs around $300K (yes, 3000 000 $).

Other one mentioned 'PixTex/EFS' - OCR with Text Retrival. More information
under (800) 788-7758.

I didn't get any scanner recommendations, and only one concerning Full Text
Retrival System: 'wais'. Public domain, you can find it on a ftp server.
I didn't try it yet.

Let me know if you are interresting in the original responses and I will
send them to you. I didn't want to include them to save band width.

Many thanks to: (Karl A. Nyberg) ("Y.Tsuji") (Hans J. Mayer) (Richard Raucci) (Dave Madden)
meekj@pt.Cyanamid.COM (Jon Meek) (Race Dowling)


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