SUMMARY/STATUS: Mac EPS files on SPARCprinter using NeWSprint

From: David Willard (
Date: Tue Oct 06 1992 - 18:52:47 CDT

I have had many suggestions, and I've tried most of them,
but my problem still is not solved. I thought I'd let
you all know what I've tried and see if there are any more

To review:
SPARCprinter attached to a SS2, NeWSprint and Prelimn installed.
User has saved an eps document in Word on a Mac, ftp's it over
to the SS2.

SPARCprinter will not print the document; instead in prints some
error messages (a la /var/spool/printer/log). The SPARCprinter
will print regular PostScript; other printers will print the eps
document. After looking in the NeWSprint and Prelimn manuals, I tried
   pl week.eps :laserprep
but that just prints different error messages. The manuals also say
that the "epsf_filter" is included automatically, which would seem to
help, but it doesn't. As also suggested by the manuals, I tried to view
the document using pageview under OpenWindows, but that couldn't handle
the file either. The document is relatively large, >500K, if that matters.

New info: NeWSprint is version 1.0, OW 2.0 xnews.

First, let me thank and acknowledge those who responded: (Birger A. Wathne)
Daneel Pang <> (Hans Baumeister)
ups!upstage!glenn@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Glenn Satchell)
Patrick Shopbell <> (Jeremy Barth)

And now the suggestions (summarized):

1. Check the file to make sure it starts the way PostScript should,
   i.e. #! at the beginning. Sometimes the Mac resource fork is
   still there.

2. Make sure the Mac file is ftp'd as ASCII.

3. Make sure the version of xnews matches the version on NeWSprint.
    If you run NeWSprint 1.0, you use xnews from OW 2.0.
    If you run NeWSprint 2.0, you use xnews from OW 3.0.

4. If your problem is a postscript related problem, get the xnews
   jumbo patch for your version. It should correct a lot of problems.
    100176-16 is for OW 2.0 and NP 1.0
    100444-24 is for OW 3.0 and NP 2.0

5. If possible try upgrading to NP 2.0. It works a lot better.
   Version 1.0 is known not to handle well some particularly torturous
   PostScript operations (e.g. involving clipping of complex figures at
   the edges of pages). Version 2.0 solves many of those problems.

I have tried 1-4, yet the problem persists. The log file contains
messages like

%%[Error: Message: Process: 0x235eb4 (Unnamed proess) Error: undefined
Stack: (many numbers) dictionary[9/25] file (?,W,R)
Executing: eexec
At: Reading file(?,W,R)
(many other things....)

As I said before, the file would print on a LaserWriter, but it was kind
of weird: over 500k file, took several minutes to process, only 2 pages long!

I'm looking into upgrading to NeWSprint 2.0, but I would appreciate any other
suggestions. Thanks again.

David Willard (
Unix Systems Analyst Programmer, McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Co.
Huntsville, AL  35806

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