SUMMARY (extra) - Local "root" access

Date: Wed Oct 07 1992 - 02:00:41 CDT

Further to my SUMMARY of yesterday, a number of sun-managers have
suggested changing the permissions on the DECstation disk partitions
to resemble those on the SUNs:-

        brw------- 1 root system 21, 0 Sep 2 11:20 rz0a

        chgrp operator /dev/rz*
        chmod g+r /dev/rz*

As the "system" group (on the DECs) doesn't have any access to the
device anyway, hopefully this won't break anything.

We would generally "prefer" not to tamper with the as installed
permissions, but with a little investigation this may help to solve
the problem.

Further thanks to:
etnibsd! (Steve Harris)
Mike Raffety <>
Bo Nygaard Bai < (Brian Katzung) (Steve Simmons)

Geoff Morrison

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