SUMMARY: Type-5 keyboards and OpenWindows 2.0

From: Daniel Baldoni (
Date: Thu Oct 08 1992 - 03:46:08 CDT

Greetings all.

I've had several responses to my query regarding type 5 keyboards but, by
far, the most informative was from James Sisul (sisul@bmskc.PPG.COM):

>I had the same problem. The type 5 keyboard only works
>on machines with SunOS 4.1.2, OpenWin 3.0, and boot PROM
>version 2.5.
>If your friend has lower versions of any of these three things,
>they need the Sun Type 5 Keyboard Software Patch (Part # 800-6875-06).
>It comes with a patch for SunOS, OpenWindows, and the Boot
>PROM. It comes on CD, but our local Sun Field Engineer
>was nice enough to put it on a floppy for me.

One other responder (Russ Poffenberger <>) tells me:

>I think you will have to run OW3 to avoid the errors if you keep the keyboard
>set as a type 5. I believe there is a set of jumpers underneath a panel on the
>keyboard you can switch to make it respond as a type 4.

Other responses indicated the existance of such a patch but could give
no further infromation. Thanks to all those who replied. Cameron Humphries Russ Poffenberger Alex Sarafian
sisul@bmskc.PPG.COM Jim Sisul

--- Begin original query ---
A friend of mine has recently received a new IPC with a Type-5 keyboard.
When one of his colleagues tries to start OpenWindows 2.0, she gets an
"Unknown keyboard" error. Can anybody tell me how they can fix this?

Of course, I'll summarise replies for the list.
--- End original query ---

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