SUMMARY: Point to Point Protocol Question

From: Andrew Lister (mblisd!mblprod1!lister@sunaus.Aus.Sun.COM)
Date: Thu Oct 01 1992 - 07:40:48 CDT

The original question:

> I was wondering where I could get my hands on some PPP software
> and also if anybody had any recommendations.

And the responses:

Many recommended the MorningStar Point to Point Protocol software especially for

Morning Star Technologies, 800-558-7827 in the US, 614-451-1883 overseas, or

Prices are as follows: $AUD
        SnapLink SCSI comms with PPP communications $5,000
        PPP Communications software via RS232 $1,700

Free versions of PPP software are available from ftp sites:


Suggested sites: (rom/sri-tcpip/SRC/UNIX/SLIP/PPP.TAR)

(But there are others around!)


I've been using it for about a month now and it works like a champ! -- J. Matt Landrum (!al!mdl)

Make sure that the implementation you use provides for Van Jacobsen (VJ)
header compression. There are versions of both SLIP and PPP that support
this. Without it, interactive TCP/IP usage over slow (<56 kB/s)
circuits will be difficult to use.
                        -- Dwight A. Ernest (
                        -- [if you make the connection let me know (think books?)]

Thanks to those who replied

Andrew Lister

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