CORRECTION TO SUMMARY: problem with NIS services database

From: Daniel Strick (
Date: Fri Oct 02 1992 - 22:50:56 CDT

> Dan Strick says that Sun knows that it is a problem that NIS maps
> cannot cope with blank lines but they refuse to fix this.

I believe I wrote that Sun knows the services.byname map is built
incorrectly and that the getservbyname() function compensates for
this by reading the YP database one entry after another until it
finds the one that it wants. This is the bug that Sun refuses to
fix even though it is pretty horrible. If you agree that this is
a really sick bug, please pester your sun tech support person
about it.

Sun may well be refusing to fix the blank-line-in-inetd.conf bug,
but this is less important as there is the obvious workaround.

Dan Strick, aka or bellcore!dan, (201)829-4624

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