Re: SUMMARY: NFS mounting /var/spool/mail && file locking

From: Bill Wisner (
Date: Thu Oct 01 1992 - 15:22:23 CDT (Barry Margolin) writes:
>The context of the suggestion was that everyone is NFS-mounting
>/usr/spool/mail from the mail host.

Here, everyone mounts /usr/spool/mail from a server that *isn't* the
mail host -- each workstation handles its own mail.

>In that case, why wouldn't it be
>correct for the From: address to be an address that gets delivered to that

Because the server from which /usr/spool/mail gets mounted doesn't
necessarily know about every user on every workstation.

NIS, you say? Yes, we use an NIS passwd map -- but our smallest NIS
domain has nine servers, and any given user's mail spool is contained
on precisely one of those servers.

We could start maintaining lists of which users are on which servers
and have servers handle mail rather than individual workstations, but
that would simply add another layer of complexity and difficulty to
our jobs, and our present system works quite well.

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