Re: SUMMARY: Sticky optical mouse

From: Douglas W. Forehand (dwf@doug.Eng.Sun.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 24 1992 - 13:02:14 CDT

In article 717292207@monet, (John Brownie) writes:
>There are several problems that can happen to optical mice.
>The most common problem is dust accumulating in the felt pads on the
>bottom of the mouse. The simplest way to fix this is to scrape the
>pads until the dust comes off. Most people suggest using a
>fingernail. I used a paperclip, and it worked fine. One person
>suggested a rubber (eraser, for those in the US :-).

One more suggestion. The best way I have found to clean the felt pads
on mice is to simply rub them with a pice of foam rubber (the stuff that
we use for packing with our disk drives).


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