Re: SUMMARY: Hardware Flow Control ... WHERE ARE YOU SUN !!!!!!

From: David Clunie (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1992 - 08:56:52 CDT

I couldn't help noticing this thread in response to a question that is
similar to one I asked months ago, and looking through archives, has
apparently been asked and answered many times.

My question now is this ... surely some one from Sun reads this group,
and surely there must be thousands of frustrated sun users who cannot
believe that Sun's cannot perform incoming hardware flow control.

Why the hell don't you guys fix the bloody driver !@#$

I would try if I had the source and the knowledge (!) but I am assured
by those who know that the Zilog SCC is capable of deasserting the
appropriate line. Furthermore I have seen the synchronous driver
with Suns INR software running at 56K just fine so it is clearly
possible to run at those speeds without dropping data ... so where
is the patch guys !

At the very least where is something clearly stated in the documentation
that says it won't work ! Or perhaps the source to the driver so that
some other bright spark can work on it if you won't (optimistic ?).


David Clunie (

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