SUMMARY: Environmental Error from IPI disk

From: Koper Jamgocyan (
Date: Fri Sep 25 1992 - 11:40:26 CDT

The problem is solved, I have received 4 replies.

The message is an ERROR message, people have suggested better air ventilation
and cooling, but the Sun-4/490 with 4 x 1 Giga IPI disks is in our specially
air-conditioned computer center, so this was not the problem.

I have tried to re-format the disk, but this failed in the following:

Sep 24 09:58:37 rcsun2 vmunix: ipi 2: missing interrupt. refnum 0
Sep 24 09:58:37 rcsun2 vmunix: BAD TRAP
Sep 24 09:58:37 rcsun2 vmunix: pid 16669, `format': Text fault
Sep 24 09:58:37 rcsun2 vmunix: kernel read fault at addr=0x0, pme=0x0
Sep 24 09:58:37 rcsun2 vmunix: Bus Error Reg 80<INVALID>

and the server booted after that.

Sun has replaced the IPI disk immediately, and now everything is ok.
Below are the answers I received.

-----------------------reply 1-------------------------
try man 5 id.
Seems your drive is running hot. Time to make a service call and copy
the data off the disk while you still can.

Geert Jan
--------------------end of reply 1-----------------------

------------------------reply 2--------------------------
From: (E P Tinnel)

AnswerBook says . . .

        Machine Exception. Environmental Error
                Some condition internal or external to the addressee has been detected
                which may cause failure conditions(s) - for example, a temperature
                sensor alert.

I had the same thing happen... ipi cabinet was in corner without sufficient airflow.

Recommendation... cool 'em off !!
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-----------------------reply 3-------------------
You may have to change the IPI drive. That's what we had to do with
our IPI drive on a 690. Here is the following info. from SunSolve.

 Anil Katakam
 AT&T Bell Labs,
 67 Whippany Rd.,
 Room 2a-101
 Whippany,NJ 07981
Phone 201-386-2524
FAX: 201-386-4072
Collection: Symptoms and Resolutions
Document: 4015

SRDB ID : 4015

SYNOPSIS : "environmental error" when writing to IPI drives

DETAIL DESCRIPTION : On a system with IPI drives, the message appears in the

      vmunix: id000h: block 374288 (703928 abs): write: Environmental Error.

                     NOTE: the block and abs numbers will probably be different.

SOLUTION SUMMARY : This indicates a problem with the IPI drive itself.

                     After making backups of the system, boot from tape (or
                     CDROM), go into format and do an analysis of the disk.

                     If the error still appears after restoring the backups,
                     then replace the drive.

KEYWORDS : IPI write block id

PRODUCT : disk_admin

SUNOS RELEASE : 4.1 PSR A, 4.1.1

HARDWARE RELEASE : 4/470, 4/490

ISO-9001 STATUS : Uncontrolled


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------------------reply 4-----------------

>What is an "Environmental Error"? Is this fatal,warning or just an error?

It's an error. Snips from hardware docs:

>From General Error Class:

  There has been a failure condition in the addressee that has been detected
by an internal timeout mechanism.

>From Specific Environmental Section:

  Some condition internal or external to the addressee has been detected
that may cause a failure condition(s) (e.g., temperature sensor alert).

So, maybe check your air conditioner, air circulation, make sure all the
fans in the CPU/Expansion box are running.

-brad albom
Software Engineering Solutions, Inc (Not related to Sun Micro)
Office: (415) 969-0141 - Probably get a secretary
FAX : (415) 969-0177 - Probably get a high pitched tone
email : - Best Bet (In On Random Weekdays)
-------------------end of reply 4-----------

Thanks to: (Geert Jan) (E P Tinnel) (Anil Katakam +1 201 386 2524)
Brad.Albom@Eng.Sun.COM (Brad Albom)


Koper Jamgocyan,
Computer Center / Alcatel Austria-ELIN Research Center,
Ruthnergasse 1-7, A-1210 Vienna/Austria. Phone: (43)-(1)-391621/121

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