SUMMARY: 8-bit sendmail

Date: Sun Sep 27 1992 - 18:06:17 CDT

Hi all,
In previous postage i wrote:

=>I'm from 'Ex-Other Side', so i speak Russian.
=>So, my Sun must speak Russian too.
=>Unfortunately, sendmail speak English only and each 8 bit is stripped.
=>What can i do?
=>I speak English but plan to use a lot of Sun stations for KAMAZ people,
=>but our people, executivies especially, does not speak English. :)
=>The same problem with text editor. I tried to will textedit to toggle,
=>but unfortunately main_window_loop is not in source format.

I'v got a lot of suggestions:

=>From: ups! (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
=>The cheap and dirty way to do this (as I found in Japan) is to compress
=>and uuencode the mail, then write a filter to unpack it for mail...

=>From: (Guy Harris)
=>What version of SunOS are you running?
=>We're running 4.1.1 on most of the machines here, and:
=> 1) people here have sent mail containing 8-bit characters (ISO
=> Latin #1, rather than ISO Cyrillic, though);
=> 2) both the SunView and Open Windows 2.0 XView "textedit"
=> handled 8-bit characters OK.
=>I also checked the "sendmail" source for 4.1.1, and it seems to be set
=>up to handle 8-bit characters. (I think I was the one who made at least
=>some of the changes to the SunView "textedit" to handle 8-bit
=>Prior to 4.1 or so, many of the programs in SunOS *didn't* handle 8-bit
=>characters, but in 4.1 and later 4.1[.x] releases, many of them were
=>fixed to handle 8-bit characters.

=>From: "Adam W. Feigin" <>
=>If you can get a copy of IDA Sendmail (currently at 5.65c+IDA_1.4.4.1), it has
=>nominal support for 8-bit character sets. Unfortunately, we dont use this
=>feautre, so I cannot tell you whether or not it works, but the support
=>seems to be there.
=>As for Textediting, I'm unaware of any 8-bit clean editors; I know that
=>there are some versions of GNU emacs that support japanese, but I dont
=>know if there is a cyrillic version around...

=>From: Hakan Sjogren <hakan@Sweden.Prime.COM>
=>The sendmail.ida kit has a 8bit flag, if set at least your
=>sendmail will pass all 8 bits.
=>It does not, however, have the possibility to specifically
=>state WHICH 8bit character set your message is using e.g. ISO8859/1.
=>European languages (like Swedish) have the same problem as you have,
=>but most sites are still 7bit wide.

=>From: (Steve Simmons)
=>I have been told there is a European version of sendmail/smtp which
=>is 8-bit clean. The intended purpose is for Scandenavian languages,
=>but should work perfectly well for you. If no-one else can help, let
=>me know and I'll see what I can track down.
=>Forget textedit, it'll never be 8bit clean. I believe that Emacs, Lemacs,
=>Sun system-V vi and Epoch are all 8bit clean.

=>An 8-bit sendmail is *not* the solution for your problem.
=>First, what charachters are mapped under the extra charachers with 8-bit set?
=>There are zillions of incompatible options here.
=>Second, being 8-bit transparant is *against* RFC821, the SMTP protocol.
=>The question you're asking has resulted in heated discussions in the IETF
=>working groups recently. There is a solution in the works.
=>In the mean time, I suggest you *don't* modify sendmail yourself to be 8-bit
=>transparent. Temporary solutions always last longest, and that is *not* what
=>you want.

=>From: (V{{r{nen Kari)
=>What SunOS version are you using? At least SunOS 4.1.2 works. You know,
=>we have the same problem with finnish! (That is 8 bit characters.)
=>> The same problem with text editor. I tried to will textedit to toggle,
=>> but unfortunately main_window_loop is not in source format.
=>I suppose, the textedit will be 8-bit clean in the newer versions of
=>SunOS if it is not so already. According to SunOS 4.1.3 release
=>manual, OpenWindows 3.0 should support internationalization.

=>From: Ian Farquhar <>
=>I can think of a couple of ways around this.
=>The first is MIME, the Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions, which allows
=>for non-roman character sets, plus sound, graphics etc. There is a
=>package around that allows you to modify several mailers to all such
=>Secondly, a less attractive but workable solution would be to hack your
=>mail handler to uuencode the message before it bundles it off to sendmail,
=>and to uudecode it before displaying. No, this isn't an elegant solution,
=>but it has been done by other mailers to get around sendmail's 7 bit

=>From: (Birger A. Wathne)
=>Sun sendmail does *not* strip 8-bit characters. I can happily send
=>8-bit characters to my friends.
=>I send along a document i wrote on how to set up SunOS for 8-bit support.
=>If you run within OpenWindows, you can also look at the man pages for
=>'vkbd'. Use 'R2' to pop up a menu af keyboard layouts. Do *not* use
=>this feature on X-terminals...
[then leeds complite excellent document]

>From: Steve Elliott <>
=>What version of SunOS are you using? I think
=>Sun are planning for Solaris 2.? (SunOS 5.0) to
=>include international support.

=>From: brianc@jekyll.ucsf.EDU (Brian Colfer)
=>Zdrazvuytze tovarish... oops tovarish may be a no no 8^)..
=>There are a couple of X.400 mail transfer agents (MTA's) that will work on
=>Sun's and they are free... to run X.400 on a Sun you need something like
=>ISODE a package that will run the ISO software which is the basis of the
=>X.400 system. X.NNN series of software is a European based standard that
=>is geared toward internationalization.
=>I would ask around on where to get the ISODE and maybe the PP mailer
=>package... if you still need help I'll research the problem.
=>There are probably other solutions less elegant... for example one could
=>use the uuencode system to convert a binary image into an ASCII archive.

=>From: Maxim Markevitch <>
=>I have tried to make my sparc speak russian. (I use X11R4 windows under
=>SunOS 4.1.1, so there may be different recipes for Openwindows or
=>whatever else.)
=>1. Though it is unuseful (because unix doesnt have any russian commmands
=>:), you can type both cyrillic and latin in your xterm (which is an
=>emulation of VT100 terminal in X11). You need to get a font which has
=>russian chars in upper 128 cells, modify your xmodmap, define "stty pass8"
=>and "setenv LC_CTYPE iso_8859_1" in your xterm. The fonts and the xmodmaps
=>are made for public domain by Sergei Vakulenko at Kurchatov Institute of
=>Atomic Energy <>. The package is on ftp:
=>>You can get this stuff by anonymous ftp from,
=>>directory X/xcyr, files:
=>> xcyr.tar.Z
=>> seta.tar.Z
=>> seta.tar.Z
=>> setb.tar.Z
=>> setc.tar.Z
=>> sete.tar.Z"
[ and another good solutions. I stripped it because of traffic. ]
=>2. To edit russian text, you can use Epoch editor, which is Emasc for
=>Xwindows -- the last version has been released (public domain) just
=>recently. Plain Emacs doesnt handle 8 bit chars. I didnt try Epoch yet,
=>but I'm told it has many nice X features, including all the old emacs nice
=>features. You will also have to run it with the right font (which should
=>_not_ necessarily be fixed width) and xmodmap. It may be ftp'ed from
=> ( /pub/epoch-files/epoch/epoch-4.0p1.tar.Z
=>or from ( /gnu/emacs/epoch/....
=>3. To typeset in russian -- if you use LaTeX, you need russan fonts, the
=>russian hyphenation patterns and the text editor allowing you to make the
=>source file in russian (see (2)). These all exist, and there is even the
=>mailing list called RUSTEX-L -- you can ask for the list of their archive
=>(which is 84 kbytes) by sending the line
=>4. To send mail in russian -- I dont know how to make sendmail not to
=>strip the 8th bit. But even if you do this, some computer in the middle of
=>the way will definitely strip it for you anyway. You may send 8bit texts
=>uuencoded (which converts all to ascii); for internal use, you can just
=>use a KOI7 font with russian letters in lower 128 bits in place of latins
=>-- might have one, or read the
=>archive -- they discussed it a lot. I know the file RUSTEX-L 90-00441
=>contains the koi7 fixed width 14x14 times-like font; again, I can send it
=>to you.

=>The sendmail 5.65c distribution from contains the
=>8-bit software. it is available in
=> or later.
=>Keld Simonsen

Thanx to all for help.

1. I used pre-SunOS 4.1.x version, so new SPARC systems will pass 8 bits.
2. To use OpenLook instead of SunView.
3. To use multimedia mail (to correspond with multimedia users :)
4. To use sendmail 5.65c8 (great and huge mailing machine).

- Anatoly M. Lisovsky, Kamaz Inc. KamaFlash SMG Chairperson
------------ Network is computer. Per aspera ad Sun! ------------

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