SUMMARY - 690MP kernel reconfig

From: Hanh Vu - xt 2801 (
Date: Sun Sep 27 1992 - 01:16:43 CDT


I need to increase the number of max users from 128 to 512.
>From the docs, it looked simple:

   1) I modified the kernel config file to make the change
      in number of processes.
   2) Ran /etc/config and built the kernel
   3) mv /vmunix /vmunix.old
   4) /etc/halt

After halting the system and rebooting from the prom prompt,
the system only comes up part way then pops back to the
'ok' prompt. Hmmm ... Any ideas? Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


In the first place, big boo-boo in posting: In 3) I meant to
say 'cp' instead of 'mv'. So, the procedure was correct, however,
the problem was that the maxusers for the sun4m kernel is 225
(an estimated number, as noted in the docs). So, I complied,
and it worked.

Since I needed to do this in order to accommodate some additional
Xterminal hookups, one person (thanks, Glenn) also gave me a formula
to figure out how many maxusers to set for a given number of
Xterminals. It turns out that maxusers is not the problem at all,
but because I didn't have enough swap on my server for all these

Thanks to all who replied to help out a fellow overworked system
administrator <smile>:

   Jeff Nieusma
   Dan Lorenzini
   Dean Grover
   Peter Samuel
   Glenn Satchell
   James Kilborn
   Jeff Wasilko

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