SUMMARY: stoopid xkernel question

From: Dave Shevett (sparc!
Date: Fri Sep 11 1992 - 18:07:54 CDT

Again, thanx for the overwhelming responses. My original question
was something to the effect of "Whenever I start the Xkernel Xsun,
I get 'Cannot open RGB_DB /usr/local/X11/lib/X11/rgb'. Well, yes,
I had the .pag, .dir, and .txt files there, but the problem was I
had made an entry in /export/root/slash/etc/fstab that remounted
/usr/local/X11 to a different directory on the server. Soooo,
natch, it wasn't really looking in /up/export/root/slash/usr/local/X11...

*sigh* - thanx loads to Seth (author of Xkernel) for pointing out
this silly (yes, and 'stoopid') problem.

NOW! As a follow up to this, because, well, fixing that error did
not fix my major problem.

Whenever I start up mwm or anything serious on this workstaion, I
get reams of "Warning: Color name "xxxxx" is not defined in server
database". NOt odd colors, mind you, but 'black', 'white', 'blue',
etc etc etc.

They are in the rgb.txt file, and I ran 'rgb' against them to generate
new .pag and .dir files.

Possibly related, I'm pretty sure, is the fact that 'xdm' started up
on the xkernel sun/3 shows the 'Welcome...' message and 'login' and
'password', but you cannot see what you type, and there is no cursor.
The .xdm-errors file shows 'Color name 'Black' is not defined in
server database'. I think the two problems are related.

Is there any way to ask the server what colors *are* defined, and
to see what the hell is going on with the kernel load that doesn't
read the .pag and .dir files correctly?

Continueing in his education on Xterminals...

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