SUMMARY: HP printcaps

From: Jimmy Y. Cheng (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1992 - 22:03:10 CDT

My original query was:

> Does anyone have the printcaps for the following
> HP printers: II,III,IIIsi
> I got these on the network that doesn't have
> Newsprint but would like to use it to print text.

I received the following responses. Thanks you those who responded!
lwlab3|lwhp|amber:HP LaserJet IIIsi in CSWest 108, lab:\
>From davies@gest20.SINet.SLB.COM

for laser jet III I use



1|psout|HP Laserjet III PostScript Output|pslaser:\
2|dviout|HP Laserjet III TeX Output|texlaser:\
The first is for a HPLJIII with PacificPage PostScript Emulation, the second
is only for TeX DVI-files, and the third does nothing at all but pushing the
data to the printer. The last one is used mainly for PCs running PC-NFS. Both
are connected via serial line, 2 <--> 3
                               3 <--> 2
                               7 <--> 7 and nothing else.



I have this one for the Laserjet IIIp:

laser|lp|HP Laserjet IIIp:\

>From michael@agricola.OSSA.HQ.NASA.GOV.

I use this with a laserjet IIIP. Works great.
I've included the output filter, too. It does
some CR LF NL conversions and then forces an
eject page to get the last page out. The printer
is connected via a parallel port driven through

hplj3|hp|HP LaserJet III:\

/usr/lib/hplaserjet follows: The ^[ is what `escape' looks
like when you imbed it in the file. So that it would be
visible to you, the characters below actually are `^' and
`[' and *not* the imbedded escape character. If you use
emacs, ^q will allow you to `quote' an escape into the file,
i.e. `^q<escape>' will give you the *correct* ^[. The only
reason I'm belaboring this is that when I first asked this
question, it took me a while to figure out this business of
imbedding the escape characters. Again, don't just try to
cut this shell script out of this mail message and use it as
/usr/lib/hplaserjet. It won't work. Delete the `^['
characters and imbed the escape as given above. Hope this helps.

#!/bin/csh -f
# @(#)hplaserjet 1.1 88/10/27 Sun Microsystems Inc 1988
# This file should be located in /usr/lib
# This is the output filter for use wth HP LaserJet I and II.
# It is called via the of entry in the generic_hp printcap entry.
# All that it does is send the escape sequence to the printer, so that:
# CR is mapper to CR
# LF is mapped to CR LF
# FF is mapped to CR FF
# and the first two lines reset the printer before each printing
/usr/bin/echo -n '^[E'
sleep 1
/usr/bin/echo -n '^[&k2G'
/usr/bin/echo -n '^[&l0H'
if ($status == 0) then
  exit 0
  exit 1


# HPIIIsi Postscript Printer with Accounting - H899-22 Lab - POSTSCRIPT
lp5|qms|ps|hpl| DAVINCI HPIIIsi printer with Accounting - GVA March 20, 1992:\

        It uses a home-brewed version of the Lwkit for accounting, and
does not use *any* Newsprint.We purchased this printer with the PostScript
option, so we don't need Newsprint.

| Does anyone have the printcaps for the following
        :tr=\f \04:\
# Alternate way to drive an HP
# HP LaserJet IIP:\
# :lp=/dev/ttya:br#19200:ms=-parity,onlcr,ixon,ixoff:\
# :sd=/var/spool/lpd
# :lf=/var/adm/lpd-errs:




Note that baud rate must be set to 9600 (19200 never did seem to work quite
right), and we don't use XON/XOFF (we send graphics to the printer as


hplaser|hp|HP LaserJet in PGL mode:\

Of course, this means that you have to create the /var/spool/hplaser


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