Re: SUMMARY: Hardware Flow Control on 4/470 serial ports

From: Guy Harris (guy@Auspex.COM)
Date: Tue Sep 22 1992 - 13:42:34 CDT

>I have SPARCstation-2 running on SunOS4.1.2.
>Hardware flow control can toggle by ttysoftcar command.
>I don't know you can use ttycoftcar on Sun-4/470.

You can use "ttysoftcar" on any Sun running SunOS 4.1[.x].

However, it does not turn CTS flow control on or off; the only effect it
has on CTS flow control is that having the hardware do CTS flow control
also requires that the hardware turn the receiver off if CD is down, and
to do "soft carrier" requires that the hardware not do so.

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