SUMMARY: ISO8859-2 to PostScript filter

From: Gerhard Hertlein (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1992 - 09:59:52 CDT

Sun Managers,

Some time ago I asked if somebody had or knew of a ISO8859-2 to PostScript

Many thanks to Dominique Petitpierre <> who sent
the only reply I received.

He sent me his tools and *roff macros to convert a ISO8859-2 text
to *roff format. This is then printed using psroff and a
set of macro definitions (for the accented characters).

Unfortunately this is of no use to us, because we don't have a running
*roff environment in our installation.
(We stopped using troff several years ago and it would take me quite some
time to re-enable a troff environment and keep it running).

Gerhard Hertlein
Philips Kommunikations Industrie AG
Thurn-und-Taxisstr. 14
D-8500 N|rnberg 10
Federal Republic of Germany

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