SUMMARY: connecting audio-device to SS2

Date: Thu Sep 03 1992 - 10:35:23 CDT

My original query,
> Hello,
> We have a sparc2 with audio capabilities. One of our users wants to use
> this sparc for a project in the area of speech processing. He wants to hook
> up a tapedeck to the microphone-input of the sparc but is worried about
> the differences in signal level and impedances. We don't have information
> about the audio hardware of the sparc2 right here.
> Does anyone know the specifications for the audio input of the sparc2? Does
> anyone have experience using the audio input in combination with a CD-player
> or tapedeck? For your information, the output of the tapedeck can drive a
> headphone with an impedance within the range of 20 - 60 Ohm.
> Any information would be very helpful. Thanks in advance,
> Johan Thole.
The list has helped very well!
Thanks to:!issi!
Mike Raffety <>
Roy Hallquist <>
Steve Elliott <>
The answers I got can be divided into three categories:
1) You don't have to worry about the impedance- and signal-differences.
   Just plug it in and see if everything goes well.
2) You can order/assemble device X to attenuate the signal-level
   of the CD-player.
3) You can attenuate the signal using the gain-factor of "soundtool".
I have chosen the second solution. The device recommended most often was
the "Radio Shack Inline Attenuator, Cat. No. 274300A".
Now for the unbelievable part!
I have asked for this device at every hobby/audio-shop in Maastricht, but
even if they know what I am talking about they cannot order it! One shop
even said: "Radio Shack? Oh, they are bankrupt!"
Desperate, I decided to contact a friend of mine in the USA to have this
thing ordered. He could arrange this in approx. 5 minutes and he has sent
it to me. I expect to receive it next Monday.
Ok, thanks again to everyone who responded!
=> Anyone interested in the original replies can contact me, of course.

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