SUMMARY: Sun NeWSprint Archive Service Problems

From: Brian Decker (reagan!axl!
Date: Mon Aug 31 1992 - 15:41:38 CDT


> Hello:

> I have been trying to retrieve an HP PaintJet printer handler from the Sun
> NeWSprint Archive service at np-archive@sun.COM. Each time I send a request
> the service, I receive an ack message back that implies that the handler has
> been sent to me, but I don't receive anything:

> > The NeWSprint Archive Server has received your request.
> >
> > All of the files that you asked for are in the database.
> > Since your request is small, it is being processed immediately instead
> > of being placed in the work queue. Here it is:
> >
> >
> > iso_8859_1

> The requests sent to the service are correct, based upon the "help" message
> that the service will send out; ie. "send printer paintjet"
> Is there anyone out there who has successfully used this service and can give
       *** me
> some idea what I am doing wrong ???

Well, after several weeks of trying the Sun NeWSprint Archive server, it appears
that the darn thing just will not send out printer handler files. I've since
contacted my Sun rep to get the handlers I need. If anyone knows anyplace on
the Internet that I can obtain the handlers, drop me a line, otherwise I am
goning to let Sun find what I need.

Thanks to:
   Dan Lorenzini :
   Ronald Russell :
   John Marsh :
   Wolfgang Wetz :

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