Re: Summary: SUN Mono screen dimming

From: Bob Sutterfield (bob@MorningStar.Com)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1992 - 11:18:38 CDT

In article <> (William S. Ang) writes:
   Most of the replies I got says it is a common problem and there is
   nothing much you could do about it. It might be possible to repair
   them, but it is better left for people who have video circuit

When my 19" mono monitor was getting dim and showing some flicker, I
sent it to Pinnacle Data Systems (+1 614 487 1150). They did a video
tune-up, aligned everything that can be aligned, cleaned out the dust,
balanced the tires, changed the oil and filter, and lubed the chassis.
It got it back sparkling clean, bright, and steady. I don't know what
our company paid for the work, but it's probably less than I was
paying for Tylenol because of the eye strain.

   I guess I will just wait until they die completely and replace them
   with new ones.

Don't put up with it, because it's not worth the aggravation. Check
out the prices at a good hardware repair shop. If they have the right
tools, they can make your tube good as new. And I think Pinnacle even
replaced the Philips flyback with one of their own design, so you'll
avoid the "dark, smoking whine" symptom that everybody gets eventually
with Philips monitors. That makes the tube better than new.

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