SUMMARY: Weird Newsprint error

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1992 - 20:22:47 CDT

   I have installed Newsprint 2.0. I know that the following
   things are OK:
        - ASYNCHIO, LPW in kernel
        - /etc/printcap identical to one that's working on another
             similarly configured host
        - lpvitest works
  pl: stuck in type ascii looking for rev -b -T /tmp, please check your
        filter chain path
  /usr/newsprint/printer_classes/SPARCprinter/C/ps/npcomm.T: news server
        wouldn't start

  Well, I banged my head upside the brick wall for a week over this one.
  Several users, particularly (William Unruh)
  responded with helpful suggestions. However, none of my tries worked.

  What was frustrating the heck out of me was that an identically
  configured machine was working fine. So, I ended up rcp'ing the
  entire /usr/newsprint directory from the working printserver to the
  dead printserver, and *voila*, everything's OK.

  Obviously, there was something corrupted or mis-permissioned or something.
  I still don't know what the exact problem was, but at least it works now.


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