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From: Ernest Cisneros (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1992 - 06:29:49 CDT

Thanks to those below that sent replies to my XDM problem. Many sent
there configuration files, which helped in trying to figure out the
problem. After many tries at getting XDM to run, I finally put in a call
to NCD. It turns out that my problem in getting XDM to run was a result
of several reasons (in order of relative importance/annoyance):

1) Since NCD's XDM is statically built and we are running NIS, it was
   not reading the NIS passwd entries. Thus only root could login when
   I got XDM to actually run.
2) OpenWindows version of XDM is buggy and very problematic to get
   running using Sun's configuration files. In fact, it often did
   not read the config files, even when using the -config option.
3) The need to specify which config files to use by giving the -config
   option. This points XDM to the config files you want used.

After talking with NCD, they suggested using OpenWindow's XDM but have
it read NCD's config files. That was the trick. XDM came up and was
running with no problems. That was yesterday. Today, the machine was
rebooted and now I'm no longer able to login. There is an entry in
rc.local to start up XDM (OW) with -config option, starts up OK and
displays login window. Now when logining in, the login window goes away
and returns in a few seconds. The permissions on the config files are
all set appropriately (from NCD documentation). The error file reports
the following:

error (pid 708): Unknown session exit code 2817 from process 711

Running XDM with the debug option is not helpful, reports the same
error. This error showed up several times in the past while I was trying
to get XDM running. Never did figure out what the error meant. So I
resigned to putting an entry in the /etc/passwd to allow logins and
running NCD's version of XDM until I have some more spare time. Thanks
again to all those that sent information and files.

                                        Ernest Cisneros

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