SUMMARY(delayed): Machine crashes with newsprint v2.0 and HP LaserJetIIISi

Date: Mon Aug 24 1992 - 23:44:48 CDT

Apparently my problem was a problem faced by quite a few folks, and (apparently) Sun doesn't know of it.

The sparc2's have a certain chip (no one could give the exact description), and
apparently ig the chip is made by AT&T it works fine with postcript printing,
but if it is by another manufacturer, (no one could tell me the name of the other
manufacturer) then it causes the machine to crash.

I had the CPU replaced, but seem the replacement had the errant chip too, and since
there was not way to specify which was the errant chip, my only option was to reinstall
NewsPrint2.0 on a sparc1, and everything seems to be working fine.

I wish sun support had the info, that this group collectively has. There were some other
useful suggestions too, but didn't apply in my case.
Thanks to

         random thought: some applications (Interleaf I know) generate
         postscript that when run causes the printer to reply back, which
         may screw up if your print spooler does not expect any reply...
 (Bruce Kall)
         Michael and Bruce sent me and archieved Summary, which explained the solution. Thanks!!
        This is the same problem we say with our SPARCprinter and a SS2.
         You have a SS2 without an AT&T chip (I'm not sure
         which one, but some CPUs don't have the 'AT&T'
        chip but some other vendor's chip. We had
         field service replace the CPU with a SS2 CPU that
         had 'the' AT&T chip and the problem (printing
         postscipt files in particular) caused data faults
         and watchdog resets.

         Rick Kruse <>
         I dunno if this is your problem or not, but since you didn't mention it, I will.
         NeWSPrint 2.0 documentation describes a filter called "fixframe" that is
         supposed to fix Framemaker Postscript into something they call Structured
         Postscript. I'm sure you are using this filter, or that someone at Sun would
         have suggested it, but it's the only idea I had.
 (Danielle Sanine)
        We had this and many other problems with NP 2.0 (and a CalComp color
        printer). Our server didn't crash, but it hung and we had the same
        error messages. Since I was supposedly the knowledgeable person, this
        was quite frustrating! I'm curious, if you cat the file to /dev/bpp0
        do you still get the errors? You can write a printcap entry that just
        cats the files and see if you still have the same problems. In
        desperation I found the person at CalComp who wrote the handler and he
        helped me work out my problems. Perhaps you can do the same with HP,
        since Suns attitude is typically that it's not their software, it's the
        other guys printer. Another suggestion: get the new upgrade to NP,
        version 2.0c, it fixes alot of bugs.

         Mike Raffety <>
         There is a required SunOS patch associated with running NeWSprint 2.0;
         did you install it?

My original question follow.
Thanks again.

        -Vispi Dumasia


==>Hi all
==>I have a sparc2, 48M mem, lots of swap (over 200 M) and lots of
==>disk space (over 2 Gb). I run SunOs 4.1.1
==>I run NewsPrint v2.0 and have an HP LaserJetIIISi (newsprint v2.0 says it
==>is a supported printer) hanging of its bi-directional parallel port /dev/bpp0
==>Aside: Newsprint v1.0 did not support this printer.
==>This is the problem I face.
==>When a user sends a document to be printed the machine goes into a panic
==>mode with a Data fault message. And the machine reboots. That's it no
==>messages etc.... This is *not with all documents*, nor does repeated
==>attempts at printing the offending document crash the machine everytime.
==>Almost all the offending documents are FrameMaker documents. (Framemaker
==>converts the document to a temporary postscript file and prints it)
==>All these documents print just fine on other sparc printers. The HP printer
==>is the only printer hanging of the sparc2.
==>Sometimes the users get a message like
==>Your printer job (swb-ch8.D885)
==>could not be printed
==> Messages from output filter:
==> XNeWS: internal error detected (SIGSEGV).
==> Report this problem to a knowledgeable person.
==> /pb/newsprint2.0/printer_classes/HP/C/ps/npcomm.T: 1055 Abort - core dumped
==> XNeWS: internal error detected (SIGSEGV).
==> Report this problem to a knowledgeable person.
==> /pb/newsprint2.0/printer_classes/HP/C/ps/npcomm.T: 1105 Abort - core dumped
==> User: ellis@claire
==> Date of previous error: Fri Jul 31 13:49:35 CDT 1992
==> ----------------------------------------------------
==>Whenever this message is printed, the machine does *not* crash, just the
==>print attempt fails.
==>Sun suggested that the CPU board was bad. This was exchanged for a new one
==>but the problem exists. The Sbus card could be the other problem.
==>I haven't swapped it out. This is all the information I have.
==>My Question: Has anyone seen such behavior? Any solutions?
==> Has anyone ever gotten an HP LaserJetIISi to
==> succesfully and reliably print with newsprint v 2.0?
==>Any and all assistance will be tremendously appreciated. I will summarize
==>to the group.
==> -Vispi Dumasia
==> (713) 579 4871


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