From: Liem Tran (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1992 - 23:05:24 CDT

Hi Everyone,

        I summarized about CASE tools for Sun machines two weeks ago. After
        that I received more helpful information, so I think it's worth to
        try for a final summary.

        All of the software mentioned are commercial.

        Also you can get FAQ_2:_CASE_tools_summary.Z by 'ftp' to or other public sites if available.
        (location: /usenet/news-info/

Thanks to the followings - personally to Donald McLachlan for sending me
the CD - sorry, if I miss someone: (Steve Long)
Jim Wichelman <> (Donald McLachlan)
stortek! (Aaron Dailey) (Chris Johnston) (Jayasree Suryanarayanan)
Doug Burke <dburke@donald.wichitaks.NCR.COM>
Greg Bek <gab@Rational.COM>

 Original messages follow:
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 13:22:47 EST
From: (Steve Long)

We run Software Through Pictures on our Sparcstation 2's.

Software Through Pictures
Interactive Developement Environments
1-800-888-IDE1 or 1-415-543-0900

I have never personally used it. have heard it is very powerful but *very*


Date: Wed, 12 Aug 92 11:33:10 MDT
From: Jim Wichelman <>

The Hewlett Packard SoftBench product line of CASE tools is available
for Sun SPARC systems. Contact your local HP sales office for details.


Date: Thu, 13 Aug 92 16:22:50 EDT
From: (Donald McLachlan)

I didn't see your original posting, and I just would of known about Software
Through Pictures at that point.

Just the other day, I recieved a CD of "Digitals Tools for Sun" in the mail.
One of the packages is called FUSE. It is described as "Integrated Software
Development Environment".

If you are interested, I can send you a CD, I got 2.


Date: Fri, 14 Aug 92 13:27:31 MDT
From: stortek! (Aaron Dailey)

We also use STP (Software Through Pictures). It is powerful, we're
mostly happy with it.

Aaron Dailey Internet:


From: (Chris Johnston)
Date: 14 Aug 92 15:03:46 GMT

    We really like codecenter and objectcenter from centerline
(formerly saber-c and saber-c++). We find it catches an entire
category of run time bugs which are difficult to catch any other way.

    Initially, some people are put off by its copious lint like
comments, but it provides a major productivity boost and noone here
would work with out it. I use it everyday and would never work
anywhere with out it.

    Centerline will let you use/evaluate the full product free for 30
days. US telephone numbers: sales 617-498-3000, fax 617-868-6655 or



Date: Mon, 17 Aug 92 11:48:23 -0700
From: (Jayasree Suryanarayanan)

I use Oracle's CASE tools on my Sparc station. However this is geared more towards using a



Date: Mon, 17 Aug 92 10:01:28 -0500
From: Doug Burke <dburke@donald.wichitaks.NCR.COM>

        We are planning to migrate from DOS to unix platforms (most likely
        SUN OS) for our software development and have been looking at CASE
        tools. In addition to the 2 mentioned in the replies you've
        already received, the following are also available on Suns:

                CodeCenter from CenterLine Software 908-219-6515
                        C code development environment
                        We'll probably be buying it

                SmartSystem from ProCase 800-777-4776
                        C code development environment
                        Nice features but expensive
                        (we've bought 1 copy)

                Ensemble from Cadre Technologies 401-351-5950
                        C code design tool
                        A new tool, I've only seen a presentation
                        but it looks good

                SES/Workbench from SES 512-328-3377
                        Performance simulation & analysis
                        We have several copies

                Statemate from i-Logix 617-272-8090
                        System level simulation
                        Currently in evaluation

        Hope this helps.



Date: Mon, 17 Aug 92 23:20:38 PDT
From: Greg Bek <gab@Rational.COM>

I got copied your posting asking about CASE Tools for the SUN IPC.

Rational supply a product called Rational Rose.

Rose is a tool built to support the semantics and notation of
The Booch Method, an object oriented analysis and design method
described by Grady Booch in "Object Oriented Design with Applications"
Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company 1991 ISBN 0-8053-0091-0

Rose runs on the SUN Sparc workstations and IBM RS/6000's
in a variety of configurations:
Standalone or Client/Server with the database server running on
a file server and the front end running on another machine.

Minimum recommended memory is 24 Mbyte and a minimum of 64 Mbyte of
paging space. Rose requires 90 Mbyte of disk space to be installed.

If you would like further information I can be contacted on:
08 337 1103 (phone and fax)
016 888 080 (pager) (email)


Greg Bek
Rational Technical Consultant.

T.L.TRAN	           |	| 
Macquarie University       |	Phone: +61-2-805 8940 		| 
NSW - AUSTRALIA     	   | 					| 

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