SUMMARY - DNS under 4.1.2

From: John Hasley (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1992 - 04:30:37 CDT

Thanks to all who responded:
 Don Lewis <>
 Lutz Brunke <> (Michael Baumann) (Darrell Hodge)
 Daneel Pang <>
 montjoy@thor.ece.uc.EDU (Robert Montjoy) (Matt Goheen)
 Christian Lawrence <> (Shawn Instenes)

To recap the problem, I had a SunOS 4.1.2 machine that was an NIS client
of a 4.0.3 server, and was unable to access the Domain Name Service via

A number of suggestions were offered, some of which were only available
with a 4.1 server. Summaries of the suggestions are below. In the end
I simply upgraded the server to 4.1.2, and everything is working well
(running ypserv with the "-d" option).
Sun had warned against using a new client with an older server.

Here are the suggestions that were offered, in no particular order.

1). Check that *all* NIS servers (master & slave) are set up for DNS.

2). Make sure the "-b" option is used in /var/yp/Makefile. It might
be good to make certain by running "make -n hosts".

3). Be sure there is an /etc/resolv.conf file on the server so it knows
where to go.

4). Make sure named is running properly on the server.

5). If the NIS server is not the DNS server, be sure it can properly
route packets to the DNS server. ("route -f add default ...")

6). Darrell Hodge sent me a nice shell script he had written for setting up
BIND on a Sun. Due to its length (1000+ lines), I am not including it here.
Ask me if you want a copy.

A second question I asked, about running Open Windows cmdtool with a
/etc/utmp file with 644 permission, resulted in only one response, from
someone who had done it but didn't have the source code any more.
It supposedly was trivial. I haven't had time to try it myself, but
I didn't want to run Open Windows anyway...

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